New Developments 1/5/18

A new generation of bubble pressure tensiometers, including BPA-2P and BPA-2S , as follow up developments of the excellent predecessors BPA-1P and BPA-1S , are available more...

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Textbook “Dispersionseigenschaften - Stabilität, 2D-Rheologie, 3D-Rheologie“ This textbook contains the main fundamental knowledge on interfaces, colloidal systems more...

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2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems - User Workshop, Juni 03-05, 2019, Potsdam, Germany In Juni 2018 the 2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems more...

Foam Analyzer

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Characterizes long time stable foams in a reasonable experimental time by using a particular procedure - the new pressure drop technique This is the only instrument for foam analysis based on the pressure drop technique developed by Kruglyakov, Exerowa and Khristov. The important feature is that due o the applied partial vacuum the foam in the measuring cells is essentially homogeneous over the whole foam column. In contrast to other measurement procedures, this is the prerequisite for a compare with characteristic data obtained for free foam films studied under exactly the same conditions (pressure, temperature).

Instrument parts

integrated foam generator in order to produce constant foams
integrated surface tension measurement by maximum bubble pressure method
foam drainage and life time cell with conductivity sensors 
performs fully automatic experiments
includes automatic cleaning processes

Features of the instrument

study separately two major processes occurring in foams: foam drainage and foam stability under strictly defined conditions
measure the most important foam parameter in terms of foam stability and foam lifetime at constant capillary pressure in the liquid phase of the foam
distinguish foams from very small differences in their stability, i.e. distinguish between stabilizing ability of surfactants
produce foams of various dispersity and monitor the impact of dispersity on foam drainage and foam lifetime/stability
characterize a whole range of foams from low to extremely stable foams
simulate conditions in a foam similar to those in industrial foams
correlate foam with single foam film properties
monitor changes in foam dispersity occurring during an experiment
run express and very precise experiments

Technical Specifications

- Foam Stability
- Foam Drainage

Reduced pressure 0 ... 105 Pa
Min. volume test liquid 100 ml
Temperature operating range 10 – 50°C
Measurement temperature range  room temperature
Software Windows, free update over 1 year after purchase
Connection to PC                         USB
Size of device (L x W x H) 346 x 340 x 400 mm
Weight       5 kg
Power supply                 100 … 240 AC
Max. power consumption                    35 W