New Developments 1/5/18

A new generation of bubble pressure tensiometers, including BPA-2P and BPA-2S , as follow up developments of the excellent predecessors BPA-1P and BPA-1S , are available more...

New Books 1/5/18

Textbook “Dispersionseigenschaften - Stabilität, 2D-Rheologie, 3D-Rheologie“ This textbook contains the main fundamental knowledge on interfaces, colloidal systems more...

Latest events 1/1/19

2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems - User Workshop, Juni 03-05, 2019, Potsdam, Germany In Juni 2018 the 2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems more...


This light model was developed for mobile applications. The camera is based on the sensor MT9M413 Color/Monochrome. For image read out an external PCIE x1 cable is used. The model can be configured also as en embedded installation with an embedded computer, with a high–speed flat cable instead of an external cable connector.
HSC-SA-1-4 can be connected to a notebook via an Express Card PCIE bus extender or with the desktop via a PCIE Bus Extender card. A comparatively low power consumption allows the use of an external battery of 6-14 V.
The camera has a “micro frame grabber” mode which allows image capturing with a maximum performance of the used image sensor (500 fps), however, the maximum recording time is limited to up to 0.8 s for full resolution, i.e. appr. 350-380 frames for 8 bpp.


This Sensor type:                                 CMOS
Sensor diagonal                                     19.7 mm
Resolution                                             1280 * 1024
Pixel size                                             12 x 12 μm
Optical format:                                         1-inch
Shutter                                             Global shutter
Bit per Pixel                                         8/10*
Frame rate at full resolution                     500
Image read out                         External Cabling PCI Express x1 Gen1
Synchronization                             Free run, external trigger,
                                                    software trigger
Trigger Signal                                 TTL/open collector,
                                                    Rising/falling edge
Exposure control:                             software
Micro Frame Grabber Recording time     up 0.74 sec at 8 bpp
Continuous readout perfomance          up to 170 fps at 8 bpp
Exposure during read out
ROI on single window
Standard Lens Mount:                         C-Mount
Power:                                         DC 12 v, 5W
Dimensions:                                 90 x 90 x 48 mm
Accessories:             User Software, Manual, Power Supply, API SDK
* - avalaible 10-to-8 pixels bit shift mode