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A new generation of bubble pressure tensiometers, including BPA-2P and BPA-2S , as follow up developments of the excellent predecessors BPA-1P and BPA-1S , are available more...

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Textbook “Dispersionseigenschaften - Stabilität, 2D-Rheologie, 3D-Rheologie“ This textbook contains the main fundamental knowledge on interfaces, colloidal systems more...

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2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems - User Workshop, Juni 03-05, 2019, Potsdam, Germany In Juni 2018 the 2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems more...

Ring/Plate Tensiometer STA

STA1 sta-meas

Quick surface tensions with an easy available tensiometer Ring and plate tensiometry belong to the classical methods for measuring the surface tension of liquids. The principle is to measure the weight of a meniscus hanging on a ring or plate. Our solution does not an extra force transducer as any accurate laboratory balance (better than 0.1 µg) is suitable to complete this instrument. Easy handling and operation with a modern Windows software. Both manual and automatic versions are available.

The density of a liquid can be measured as well by the immersion of a body of known volume.

laboratory balance (better 0.1 mg)
automatically motor driven movement of the ring or plate or manual movement by a linear stage
holder for a ring, plate or immersion body

The instrument allows the following measurements

  • surface tension of liquids
  • ring and plate method
  • determination of density with an immersion body
  • corrections factors after Harkins and Jordan
  • contact angle measurements with the immersing plate technique
  • easy to handle instrument and software
  • also available as manual instrument
  • use with any PC or laptop

Technical Specifications

Range of surface and interfacial tension 1 to 1000 mN/m
Reproducibility of measured values resolution: ± 0.1 mN/m(with balance ± 0.1 mg) 
Time range 01 s to 10 h
DMeasuring options:
- Du Nouy ring method
- Wilhelmy plate method
- Density determination

standard routine
standard (optional contact andge)
for liquid density < 2 g/cm³
Range of contact angle measurement 10° to 170°
accuracy ±0.3°
Software Windows software
(free update over 1 year after purchase)
Temperature operating range 10 – 50°C
Measurement temperature range room temperature, (optionally 0 – 80°C)
Size of device (L x W x H)
- manual version (without balance)    
- automatic version (without ballance)

100 x 100 x 300 mm
200 x 50 x 250 mm
Connection to PC                         RS-232
Weight Measurement unit    
- manual version (without a balance)
- automatic version (without balance)   

1 kg
2 kg
Power supply, external                          100 … 240 AC;  to 12 VDC
Max. power consumption                    55 W
Extra accessories                        Wilhelmy plate
immersion body for density measurements
temperature controlled cell