New Developments 1/5/18

A new generation of bubble pressure tensiometers, including BPA-2P and BPA-2S , as follow up developments of the excellent predecessors BPA-1P and BPA-1S , are available more...

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Textbook “Dispersionseigenschaften - Stabilität, 2D-Rheologie, 3D-Rheologie“ This textbook contains the main fundamental knowledge on interfaces, colloidal systems more...

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2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems - User Workshop, Juni 03-05, 2019, Potsdam, Germany In Juni 2018 the 2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems more...

Profile Amalysis Tensiometer PAT2S

   PAT2S-01-web  PAT2S-02 

  • High end stand-alone full automatic profile analysis instrument
  • Modern method to measure surface and interfacial tension of liquids
  • Interfacial Rheology Studies are available in the basic version
  • Modular extensions for different applications
  • Remote control via LAN, WLAN
  • Smartphone application for remoute monitoring
  • Modern user friendly interface and connectivity simplifies operation of instrument.

Principle is based  on the analysis  of  the shape of pendent and sessile drops or buoyant and captive bubbles
Rheological studies are available in the basic version
Well suited to determine the contact angle of liquids on solid surface


Instrumental parts

- Basic platform on which all parts are safely mounted
- Manual x/y/z-axis
- Graphic color TFT touch display 7’’ resolution 800 x 480 pixel
- Automatic computer-controlled precise dosing system

- Mechanically adjustable temperature controlled measuring cell (temperature range 10 to 100 °C)
- Industrial IEEE1394A-FireWire CMOS-camera with fixed objectives 
- LED lighting with continuously adjustable intensity


Measurement Features
- Surface and interfacial tension of liquids
- Static  and  dynamic contact  angle according to the sessile drop method
- Determination of surface free energy
- Surface rheological studies to measure the dilational elasticity and viscosity
- Capillary pressure measurements for iso-dense liquid-liquid systems (optional modul DPA-1M)
- Surface   rheological  studies  at   higher   frequency (optional module ODBA-1M)
- Direct  drop-drop,  bubble-bubble  and  drop-bubble interactions  (optional module DBMM-1M)
- Fluid   dynamic  experiments  with  optional set-up incl. our own high speed video camera HSC

Main features of the software
- on-line interfacial tension/contact angle calculation
- very   accurate  control  loop  to  keep constant   either  volume  or  area of drop or bubble
- smooth oscillations with dosing system
- harmonic   and   transient   relaxation   experiments
- calculation  of  the  dilation  rheological parameters from   relaxation   measurements via Fourier analysis
- calculation of the surface free energy of solids (different methods)

Technical Specifications

Range of surface and interfacial tension 1 to 2000 mN/m
resolution: ± 0.1 mN/m
Range of contact angle measurement 2° to 178°
accuracy ±0.3°

Measuring options:

automatic drop volume/area control
pendent drop, buoyant bubble, sessile drop
surface / interfacial tension
dilational elasticity and viscosity
contact angle
surface free energy
drop/bubble oscillations 0.001 to 0.5 Hz (basic version)

                                       up to 200 Hz (ODBA-1M module)
Dosing built-in automatic dosing system
(optional second automatic dosing system)

Additional measurement  modules:
drop pressure module DPA-1M
oscillating drop bubble oscillation module ODBA-1M
drop bubble micro manipulator DBMM-1M
Optics manual fixed or zoom objectives
Camera Standard CMOS-camera:
max. resolution 1280x1024 pixels
IEEE1394A - FireWire
optical distortion: < 0.05 %
high speed camera optional
Frame rate Rates for standard camera:
25 images/s at resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
100 images/s at resolution 640x480 pixels
320 images/s at resolution 320x240 pixels
Rates for high speed camera: after requiest
Axis manual x-axis, manual y-axis, manual z-axis
Dual display mode
-       Built-in Graphic color TFT touch display 7’’ resolution 800x480 pixel
-     External LCD up to 1920x1200
Illumination LED, software controlled light intensity
Software embedded software
free update over 1 year after purchase
Operation modes Stand-alone (touch display, mouse, keyboard) or via PC, Smartphone
Interface 1 GB Ethernet
3 x USB 2.0 / 1 x USB3.0
Wi-Fi (option)
DisplayPort (DVI/HDMI) res. up to 1920x1200
Size of device (L xW x H) 700 x 200 x 270 mm (standard version)
Weight 18 kg
Power supply external 100 … 240 AC to 24 VDC, 65 W
Extra accessories adjustable temperature controlled cell
additional automatically controlled dosing system (up to 4 systems)
coaxial double capillary for drop exchange
liquid exchange cell
piezo control unit
special contact angle cell
high temperature cells

Measurement Examples