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Textbook “Dispersionseigenschaften - Stabilität, 2D-Rheologie, 3D-Rheologie“ This textbook contains the main fundamental knowledge on interfaces, colloidal systems more...

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2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems - User Workshop, Juni 03-05, 2019, Potsdam, Germany In Juni 2018 the 2D-3D Rheology and Stability of Disperse Systems more...


Interfacial Shear Rheometer ISR-1

ISR-1 klein

This instrument allows measurements of the interfacial shear properties of layers between two fluid (liquid/liquid or liquid/gas) phases. The main principle is based on a torsion pendulum. Different measuring bodies can be used to work at liquid surfaces or at interfaces between two immiscible liquids. The ISR1 (Interfacial Shear Rheometer) from SINTERFACE allows unique shear rheological experiments.

Instrument parts:
mechanical and electronic unit
temperature controlled measuring cell
data acquisition via RS-232

The instrument allows the following measurements:
frequency range between 0.2 and 0.02 Hz (depending on the measuring body and the torsion wire used)
shear elasticity and viscosity of a surface layer
time resolution about 1 minute
time dependencies over hours of adsorption time
surface shear viscosity range 1 µNs/m to 100 mNs/m
surface shear elasticity range 1 µPam to 100 mPam
temperature control in the range 10 to 50 °C

Technical Specifications

Range of interfacial shear viscosity 1 μNs/mto 100 mNs/m
Range of interfacial shear elasticity 1 μPam to 100 mPam
Range of frequency 0.2 0.02 Hz
Angular resolution of torsion head 0.01°
Angular resolution of position sensor 0.01°
Data acquisition via RS 232
Software WINDOWS software
Measuring option  adsorbed and spread layers at liquid/gas and liquid/liquid interfaces
Size of device (LxWxH)     500x500x700
Weight: 40 kg
Power supply
100 … 240 AC; 50 … 60 Hz; 110 W
Extra accessories measuring body (bi-conical disc) for liquid/liquid interfaces