Drop and Bubble Micro Manipulator DBMM1


dbmm-instr DBMM

This special equipment is dedicated to studies of the direct interaction between droplets or bubbles.

Systems like emulsions or foams or foamed emulsions consist of ensembles of drops or bubbles or mixed drops and bubbles. The direct interaction of these entities yields information on the stability of the liquid disperse systems.

The drop and bubble micro manipulator
- fits as accessory into the profile analysis tensiometer PAT-1
- gives access to the capillary pressure inside the individual drops or bubbles
- allows to manipulate the size of the two entities
- allows to move the entities against each other to bring into interaction
- measures the time of coalescence

The instrument allows the following measurements
- surface and interfacial tension of liquids (also of iso-dense systems)
- coalescence of drop-drop, bubblebubble, and drop-bubble systems
- dynamic interfacial tensions in the short time range (0.01 - 100 s)
- available needles allow to form drops or bubble on a scale between 50 μm
and 1 mm or more
- drops or bubbles can be manipulated by a very fine piezo dosing system
- entities of different size can be used at the two sides

Main features of the software:
- on-line registration of capillary pressure at both sides
- control of fine dosing systems for definite changes of a drop or bubble
- fast capillary pressure registration for dynamic interfacial tension measurements according to a maximum drop pressure routine

Technical Data
Range of surface and interfacial tension         1 to 1000 mN/m;
resolution:                                                 ± 0.1 mN/m
Optics                                                     Standard CMOS-camera:
                                                             max. resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
                                                             FireWire, optical distortion: < 0.05 %
                                                             high speed camera optional
optical distortion:                                       < 0.05 % (in PAT-1)
Software                                                 Windows software
                                                              (free update over 1 years after purchase)
Measuring options:
                                                            - single drop/bubble surface / interfacial tension
                                                             oscillations up to 100 Hz
                                                            - pair wise drop/bubblefor coalescence
Size of device (L xW x H)                           200 x 200 x 150 mm (standard)
Weight                                                     2 kg
Power supply                                             100 … 240 AC; 50… 60 Hz; 60 W
Extra accessories                                     special needles (Eppendorf) with diameter between
                                                              50 μm and 1 mm


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